Digital India

Digital India campaign was launched on 1 July 2015 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi .The main aim of this campaign is to connect rural areas of our country to high speed Internet. After the launch of' 'JIO' sim by the owner of Reliance Mukesh ambani. India is now no. 1 in data consumption. The main motto of digital India campaign Is 'power to empower". Therefore it's working on digital empowerment of citizens of India.

Digital India program mainly focusing on growth in areas of:-

1.Electronic Services

2.Job opportunities

3.Electronic Products

Government services will be available electronically to the citizens. It will Improve digital literacy of people residing in rural areas. This campaign is going to proceed Investment in Information technology sector by our youth and going to enhance start ups. This will create employment and as we know India's biggest issue is 'unemployment".


  • Digital India campaign is a boost for our IT sector and youth. Even this program is appreciated globally by global investors. So it will surely help India to make its mark and stable position in International market.
  • This project has been aimed to be completed by 2019. It seems like the programme which will benefit both service providers and consumers.
  • Overall project monitoring will be under the prime Minister himself. First to seventh July is known as digital week The project is Interconnected by IT, Education, and agriculture etc.
  • In digital India there would be easy digitization of data which will help in making things much more easy and last in future
  • It will reduce paper work and everything will goes online and  will start from universities first. Certainly It will make easy access to online services like bank account.
  • Financial management safe and secure space, education, learning etc. As a result it will promote online business in youth and give those youngsters a chance who want to make career In digital world above all it will make India cashless also.
  • Furthermore its now providing high speed mobile connectivity, providing government servicing, providing for electronic manufacturing and providing jobs to our youths are same of the priorities of government of India.
  • Therefore, we should appreciate this effort of our governmental and give full support to them at large
    scale. Probably may be one day we become developed country soon.

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